kumulipo Kumulipo is a prototype educational interactive I developed for Kamehameha Schools. It is designed to allow students to imagine the Hawaiian Creation Chant by drawing a picture of each verse as it is simutaniously presented in hawaiian and english in text and sound. This is an example of using interactive media to combine Piaget's 'constructivism' with Gardner's' 'multi-intelligence'.

Online Quiz

jukebox Online quiz, wrote, designed, and programed in 2007 using flash, xml, and php for digital video production class I tought at the Art Institute.


DECIDE FROM EVIDENCE is a role playing scenario built for Alcoa Industries that puts a player in the position of an Alcoa employee who must discover how bottle caps are being made defective and submits a report based on the evidence received which is then reviewed and commented on by an AI "expert". Programmed in actionscript 2 while interactive designer at eHigheEducation in 2003.

Online Jukebox

Video Tutorial about loading externial images and sounds into a swf using actionscript 2 that I created in 2006 for a multimedia class I tought at the Art Institute.

Remote Learning

jukebox THE REMOTE ONLINE VIDEOCONFERENCING (or ROV) is a Flash application designed for open source education curriculum design. This user scenario, also built in flash in 2002, explains how it could be used to design and create classroom materials.