Ann Poochareon
Ann Poochareon is of Chinese descent, born in the U.S., and raised in Thailand. She not only considers herself bilingual but also bicultural. Having spent a little more than a decade on each side of the world, Ann struggles to find balance between two cultures and wishes to search for
her own style through art. She is a coder, a writer, a blogger, a neophyte videographer, a 3D obsessed tech geek, and jack-of-all-trades perfectionist. Ann currently attends NYU for a graduate degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program. Her ultimate goal is to rule the world with one finger.

The Smart Wench

Todd Holoubek
B.F.A., New York. M.P.S., New York. Todd Holoubek comes from a background of construction, retailing, the theater arts writing, performing and producing for television, new media, design, and programming. His research looks at the bridge between humans and technology, his observations are in the form
of physical and screen based works.

The Trickster
Michael Wilson
With a bachelor's degree in theatre and a master's degree in telecommunications, Michael Wilson is a physical interaction designer and 3D researcher. In addition to being a resident at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Michael teaches multi-media design at CUNY's city college and occasionally helps children to find their inner Muppet. Michael's favorite activity is to dominate worlds he has virtually created.
The Captain

James Clar
Mr. Clar has an undergraduate degree in 3D animation and a masters in telecommunication, this allows him to communicate in 3D across vast distances. He is currently employed by RGA and seriously enjoys the idea of someone giving him money to sit at a computer and think.
Cindy Jeffers
In addition to English, Ms. Jeffers also speaks C, Java, ADA, PICBasic Pro, Basic, Lingo, Flash Actionscripting, and HTM. She enjoys the smell of solder, and in her free time likes to fuse rubber, wood, LED's, and woman's issues into interactive multimedia assemblies. Physical Interaction Programmer
Andrea Roscoe
"Andrea Roscoe is Brazilian. Andrea has a bachelor degree in architecture, UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro. She was a researcher in UFRJ on contemporary art and worked as a ceramic sculptor. Andrea had been working in the film industry as assistant director, script supervisor and set designer until she started the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU that she is currently attending. Andrea is interested in comics, animation, film/video, humor,samba, beach, beer and wherever her imagination goes."

Diego Bauducco

Diego Bauducco...
Argentinian from Venezuela...
I do stuff...

Stuff you hear..
Stuff you watch...
Stuff you navigate...

Date I started doing stuff: 3.6.76

I did stuff at Berklee [MP&E and MS]
Now I do stuff at NYU [ITP]

Music &Sound effects Composer
Geoff Smith
A tremendous thank you to the master of the serial Xtra, and ruler of Physical Bits. Lingo Xtra Maker
Jennifer Hatchigian
A thank you for writing Lightwave Applied and creating the original polygons on which Columbina is based.

Modeler and Educator