By her keen and active wit, she was able to hold her own in every situation and emerge with ease and dignity from the most involved intrigues. - Duchartre

A constant friend of Harlequin, The Smart Wench nontheless scolds him, punishes him, and deserts him before taking him back.

Harlequin proved himself the prince of numskulls from birth, but his stupidity was intermittently relieved by flashes of shrewd wit. - Duchartre

Harlequin is always ready to spring into action in a clumsy yet graceful manner. He is ragged, yet sleek.

Movement Test in Director

Movement test in Director
Modeled in Lightwave by and Andrea Rosco
Animated in 3D Studio Max by Andrea Roscoe
Modeled in Maya by James Clar
Animated in 3D Studio Max by Michael Wilson