Comedia was an exploration of networked performance. Using studio 3D Max to create modern avatar versions of classic commedia characters and Macromedia's Director to run a newtworked virtual space combined with pic chip microcontroller allowing real time puppereering, Commedia was presented first at SIGGRAPH 2003, and then at the first NY machima festival in 2004.


Kata was presented at the Gertrude Stien Insitute Digital Media Festival in 2004, it used sensors to capture the motion of a user in realtime and let them play a simple martial art inspired video game against a 'sensei' avatar. A very primitive versionof what microsoft's KONNECT would fully realize years later.

Pull Me

pull me An interactive built for NYU's ITP winter show 2001, this pong like video game is controlled by a single tension controlled crank, simular to a rowing machine. It had two unique features, everytime you missed a point the game would compliment you, so there were no hurt feelings, and continued play would make you sweat, at that time an unusual feat for a video game.

Percy the Pelican

percy A Pelican robot built for the bird hall to tell the story of bird evolution and flight. The robot is controlled by 8 servos and uses macromeid's director to control an arduino brain and audio files. It does it 3 minute performace up to 30 times a day, seven days a week

Black Hole

black hole Blach Hole was the first flash based game I designed and programed. It used the format of Asteroids as a way to interact with the shattered memories of an astrophysist falling into a blackhole.